Accelerating the software-defined force 

Applied Intuition Defense’s annual Nexus symposium brings together visionaries, leaders, and operators at the forefront of artificial intelligence and software-defined warfare. 

About Nexus 24

Nexus 24 convened experts, operators, and technologists to map out the future of software-defined warfare and artificial intelligence in the Department of Defense. This year’s event built on the success of Nexus 23 and Nexus 22.

Couldn’t make it to Nexus 24?  Recordings of all keynotes and panels will be available on our YouTube channel soon!

Building a vision for software-defined warfare

The future of warfare will undoubtedly be defined by software-enabled autonomous technologies. How can the Department of Defense, Congress, and industry work together to accelerate the software-defined force?

Deploying software at speed

Harnessing artificial intelligence and software-enabled technologies is imperative to prevailing in a future conflict. How can we streamline acquisition processes to acquire essential capabilities?

Software sustainment at the edge

What can we learn from today’s battlefields and the rapidly changing threat environment? How can we ensure tomorrow’s software-defined systems keep pace with changes in battlefield conditions?

Software-defined dual-use tech

How can the Department of Defense apply lessons learned from the automotive industry on rapidly deploying software-defined systems?

Past speakers

GEN James Mingus
US Army
Vice Chief of Staff
Young Bang
US Army
PDEP ASA (Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology)
Rep Rob Wittman (VA-01)
House Armed Services Committee
Vice Chairman
Bilal Zuberi
Lux Capital
General Partner
Maj. Mike Kanaan
DOD Chief Digital and AI Office
Military DCIO
Wendy Anderson
Senior VP, Federal and Nat. Security
Jason Brown
Applied Intuition Defense
General Manager
Tim Booher
VP, Autonomy
LT Artem Sherbinin
US Naval Surface Forces Command
Jacqueline Tame
Playground Global
Operating Partner
Bryan Clark
Hudson Institute
Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Defense Concepts and Technology
Joshua Marcuse
Google Public Sector
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Courtney Albon
Defense News
Space and Emerging Tech Reporter
Paige Kassalen
Saab Inc.
Chief of Staff, Strategy Office
Aaron Mehta
Breaking Defense
Editor in Chief
Hugh Zabriskie
Applied Intuition Defense
PM, Offroad and Aerial
Qasar Younis
Applied Intuition
Co-founder and CEO
Peter Ludwig
Applied Intuition
Co-founder and CTO
Nicholas Kazvini-Gore
Applied Intuition Defense
Head of Government Affairs
Amir Shah
Applied Intuition Defense
EM, Gov Solutions
Devaki Raj
Saab Inc.
CDAO (Strategy Office)
Ryan Maatta
Serco NA
Lead Marine Engineer
Maynard Holliday
Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (R&E)
PTDO Assistant Secretary of Defense for Critical Technologies
John Mark Wilson
Applied Intuition Defense
Head of Strategy and Communications
Matthew Way
Defense Innovation Unit
PM, Autonomy