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Autonomous unmanned surface vessels (USVs) are transforming maritime domain awareness and dominance. Accelerate the next generation of naval power with software development, testing, and sustainment solutions designed to address perception, planning, and controls challenges unique to the maritime domain. 

Build perception systems designed to enhance maritime domain awareness

Validating the performance of a maritime system’s perception stack is critical, but recreating a wide range of weather, sea states, and scenarios in real-world testing is costly, non-reproducible, and potentially dangerous. Sensor simulation and high-realism synthetic data accelerate the development and evaluation of perception systems across weather parameters, vessel types, and environments. 
Generate physically accurate, low-cost maritime worlds
Use synthetic environments to fill gaps in real-world data (e.g., adverse weather or rare assets) and train systems to handle long-tail events.
Vary actors and environmental parameters
Generate geo-specific digital twins or geo-typical maritime domains. Adjust those environments to provide volume and diversity of data, with thousands of different weather conditions, times of day, and target classes.
Build detailed scenarios and execute tests
Design precise combinations of friendly and adversarial agents in 3D environments to prepare for specific concepts of operations (CONOPS).

Create scenarios to assess compliance

Despite the vastness of the open ocean, USVs must be able to navigate congested harbors and littoral environments without sustaining damage to themselves, other vessels, or harbor infrastructure, all while operating in compliance with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGs). Accelerate planning and controls module development with scenario-based testing. Use sensor- and object-level simulations to test and validate perception, planning, and controls module performance in relevant operational scenarios, and trace each test scenario back to program requirements. 

Accelerate development by testing common and rare scenarios in physically accurate maritime environments.
Establish your operational design domain
Translate COLREGs and other maritime navigation requirements into specific simulation scenarios and test cases.
Model your domain
Create a test environment. Generate physically accurate 3D worlds, add and vary vessels and obstacles, and adjust sea states and weather conditions.
Run scenario-based tests
Create complex scenarios that respond to navigation regulations and operational needs. Vary weather, time, lighting, sea states, and other parameters to comprehensively test system performance.

Accelerate maritime autonomy

Learn how Applied Intuition Defense can address your autonomy challenges.  
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