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Develop, test, and validate the performance of aerospace, AI, ML, and autonomy, from target recognition and sensor fusion to autonomous operation and collaborative behaviors.

Leading aerospace autonomy programs across government and private sectors trust Applied Intuition Defense to accelerate program timelines, automate testing, improve performance, and reduce costs.

Develop advanced perception systems with high-realism sensor simulation

Accurately identify and classify aerial, maritime, and land-based object classes.

Quickly adapt to adversary behaviors, camouflage, new systems, and changing battlefield conditions. Maintain relevance, mitigate threats to air operations, enhance survivability, and enable mission success.
Identify issues with real-world data
Ingest, visualize, and query real-world sensor log data to understand performance and identify issues. Query across log data to build datasets for model retraining.
Generate synthetic data
Augment real-world data with high-realism, physically accurate synthetic data, including pixel-level annotations across EO/IR/SAR and other sensor types. Generate synthetic versions of rare object classes. Vary lighting, weather, altitude, angle, and other parameters to increase scenario coverage and improve performance.
Train models on real and synthetic data
Retrain models on improved datasets to increase performance on targeted perception tasks.

Refine planning and controls performance with scenario-based testing and development

Understand how systems plan and react post-perception for use cases ranging from adaptive mission planning to high-risk manned-unmanned teaming operations. Test planning and controls module performance in object-level simulations across thousands of relevant virtual scenarios, varying actors, vehicles, and obstacles, and trace each test scenario back to program requirements.
Define program requirements
Define your operational design domain (ODD) and program requirements for testing in simulation.
Create custom scenarios
Create scenarios to test planning and controls stack performance against program requirements. Generate thousands of scenario permutations by changing parameter values and behaviors programmatically. Define evaluation criteria and pass/fail metrics to assess performance.
Execute tests at scale
Run large batches of scenarios in cloud or on-prem clusters that auto-scale to demand. Get feedback in minutes for thousands of edge cases.
Analyze results
Gain a comprehensive understanding of testing progress and performance through a unified dashboard. Every scenario is traceable back to program requirements to help programs quickly understand system performance and validation progress and identify areas for improvement or real-world testing.
COLLABORATIve autonomy

Validate performance of heterogeneous teams and swarms

The future fight will involve multiple heterogeneous unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) collaborating to achieve mission objectives. Integrate autonomy from multiple vendors or programs to understand how they will interact and collaborate when deployed side-by-side and faced with a battlefield scenario.

Use scenario-based and integration testing to validate the interoperability of distinct systems across thousands of potential scenarios before moving on to real-world testing.
Define collaborative requirements
Define requirements for heterogeneous interactions based on prospective mission requirements. Define success metrics for collaborative operations, teaming, and swarm behaviors.
Create and execute scenario-based tests
Create complex scenarios based on real-world requirements and mission sets, and execute thousands of scenario-based tests to evaluate collaborative behaviors and identify areas for improvement.

Accelerate aerospace autonomy

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